Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1950's Free Agency

While this site is a Milwaukee Braves site, it is also a Milwaukee baseball site. At times I can't help comparing the team of today or the game versus the days of the Braves. Today's headlines are dominated by what to do with Prince Fielder. Fileder along with Ryan Braun are the cornerstone sluggers of the team. It appears Fileder's time in Milwaukee is short. Modern day economics will probably force Fielder out of town.

Instead of Fielder and Braun, what if it was Aaron and Matthews? What would our beloved Braves have been if Aaron had a super agent that demanded his way out of Milwaukee? So many memories would be different. It's really a shame fans have to suffer as their teams are torn apart. Is a town like Milwaukee doomed to be a AAA Yankees affiliate?

I'm afraid Milwaukee can never see a run like the Braves had again. The current state of MLB won't allow it.

Tell me what you think.

Monday, November 29, 2010

New Blog!!!

Well I finally found a true blog that I really like so I am relaunching the blog.  Why do I like this one....  Well first let me say it isn't the old one I tried that received hundreds of spam posts.  Second, it's a true blog and interactive!  Some of the features you'll be able to see are commenting on posts (highly encouraged as it will keep me interested in writing more), subscribing to the blog via a feed, archiving, and lots more.  You can still view the old blog but honestly I will pull over some of the more interesting posts in the very near future. 

There will be a lot of posts on this blog so if you are reading, add a comment and let me know.  I know we get some decent traffic to the site so don't be shy.  Join in! 

More to come very soon...